Minnesota Green Communities Initiative Outcome Evaluation

Minnesota Green Communities Initiative is a project of the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and the Family Housing Fund. The Center for Sustainable Building Research is working with the initiative on the evaluation and outcome verification of Green Communities year one pilot projects. The focus of this work is to gather information to improve the program and verify outcomes related to criteria that can be quantified. This work has two primary phases. First, CSBR will explore and develop evaluation options for pilot projects in the core areas of the program related to building performance—energy efficiency, water use, and healthy indoor environments. In the second phase, CSBR will implement outcome verification for all year one pilot projects. Information to be gathered will include:

  • Interviews with key team members (i.e. architect, developer) on the Green Communities process.
  • Cost data collection and lifecycle cost analysis of the building, when applicable.
  • Collection and analysis of utility bills for a minimum of one year will provide baseline information on the overall energy consumption and cost for the projects.

Additional outcome evaluations and building testing will be conducted as funding permits.