The primary activity of the Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative is the creation of a web-based clearinghouse to promote best practices and share lessons learned for sustainable housing in cold climates. It consists of a knowledge base, tools, and case studies. The knowledge base is a collection of information, analysis and protocols for sustainable building, intended to inform and support the Minnesota affordable housing community. The case studies cover new construction, renovation and limited scope projects. They are intended to providing reliable information for an array of stakeholders and show examples of effective solutions. The tools area contains calculators and programs to assist developers generate information and make decisions based on that information for specific projects.


The Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative is funded by generous support from the McKnight Foundation.


Through the Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative, the Center for Sustainable Building Research works with a unique and broad group of stakeholders in both the non-profit as well as market-rate housing sector. The organizations contribute by sharing lessons learned and serving as sounding boards and beta testers for tools. These diverse partnerships and initiatives support efforts at a variety of scales to make sustainable housing the norm in development throughout Minnesota.

CSBR Project Team and Contributors

John Carmody
Daniel Handeen
Kerry Haglund
Rachel Hilvert
Rolf Jacobson
Malea Jochim
Elizabeth Kutschke
Laura Shagalov
Patrick Smith
William Weber