Green Communities with Minnesota Overlay for Multifamily

The criteria listed below were created by Green Communities to encourage the development of green affordable housing across the country. Although MNSHI does not endorse any particular green guidelines, the goal of this website is to assist designers and developers in meeting the criteria of their choice. Below, you will find links to resources that can help you meet the Green Communities criteria.

1. Integrated Design Process

Green Development Plan

2. Location and Neighborhood Fabric

Smart Site Location: Proximity to Existing Development
Smart Site Location: Protecting Environmental Resources
Smart Site Location: Proximity to Services
Compact Development
Walkable Neighborhoods
Smart Site Location: Make use of passive solar heating/cooling
Smart Site Location: Grayfield, Brownfield, or Adaptive Reuse Site
Compact Development
Walkable Neighborhoods
Transportation Choices

3. Site Improvements

Environmental Remediation
Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Surface Water Management
Storm Drain Labels

4. Water Conservation

Water Conserving Appliances and Fixtures
Water-Conserving Appliances and Fixtures
Efficient Irrigation

5. Energy Efficiency

Efficient Energy Use
Efficient Energy Use
ENERGY STAR Appliances
Efficient Lighting-Interior
Efficient Lighting-Exterior
Electricity Meter
Additional Reductions in Energy Use for New Construction
Additional Reductions in Energy Use for Moderate Rehab
Photovoltaic Panels
Photovoltaic Ready

6. Materials Beneficial to the Environment

Construction Waste Management
Recycled Content Material
Certified, Salvaged and Engineered Wood
Water-Permeable Walkways
Water-Permeable Parking Areas
Reduce Heat-Island Effect-Roofing
Reduce Heat-Island Effect-Paving

7. Healthy Living Environment

Low/No-VOC Paints and Primers
Low/No-VOC Adhesives and Sealants
Formaldehyde-free Composite Wood
Green Label Certified Floor Covering
Exhaust Fans-Bathroom
Exhaust Fans-Kitchen
HVAC Sizing
Water Heaters-Mold Prevention
Water Heaters-Minimizing CO
Cold Water Pipe Insulation
Materials in Wet Areas-Surfaces
Materials in Wet Areas-Tub and Shower Enclosures
Basements and Concrete Slabs-Vapor Barrier
Basements and Concrete Slabs- Radon
Water Drainage
Garage Isolation
Clothes Dryer Exhaust
Integrated Pest Management
Lead-Safe Work Practices
Healthy Flooring Materials-Alternative Sources
Healthy Flooring Materials-Reducing Dust

8. Operations and Management

Building Maintenance Manual
Occupant's Manual
Homeowner and New Resident Orientation