M3e: Use durable materials

The durability of materials is dependent on the careful selection, design, detailing, and installation of components. Specifying materials that are durable and long lasting instead of those that need to be replaced frequently conserves natural material and energy resources, reduces maintenance and cost for homeowners, and limits the quantity of material destined for landfills.

  • Specify durable materials with a goal of choosing materials with a life cycle of at least 50 years
  • Choose materials and designs that minimize maintenance and housework
  • Finish materials are a large percent of construction cost; consider where high quality finishes will have the greatest benefit; use lower-cost materials in areas of less frequent use
  • Consider where to use lower cost materials (e.g. hollow-core doors, less expensive light fixture, interior paint, etc.)
  • Consider what materials are replaced frequently due to interior design changes (paint, carpet, some fixtures, etc.)

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