New Construction and Substantial Renovation

The case studies in the New Construction and Substantial Renovation section are drawn from exemplary projects around the region and the world. They are split into home type: multifamily projects focus on apartment buildings and complexes, single family and townhomes examine smaller detached and attached single family dwellings, and neighborhood looks at planned developments and sustainable infrastructure. The case studies focus primarily on energy, resource, and water conservation as well as impacts on health and durability.

Single-family Case Studies
Single Family - Townhouse

Anderson House
Autumn Hills
Breckenridge Townhomes
Darmstadt Passive House
E2 City Homes
EcoVillage (LEED)
Habitat for Humanity Pilot Homes
Habitat Northside Net-Zero Home
Johnson Net Zero Home
Kingspan Lighthouse
Net Zero in the City
Olson Lake House
Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Multi-family Case Studies

Alliance Addition
Brook Commons
Clover Field Marketplace
New San Marco Apartments
Park Avenue Apartments
The Rose
The Solaire
Southeast False Creek
Wellstone Apartments
Wellstone Solar Hot Water System
Winnipeg Apartments

Neighborhood Case Studies